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The Kentucky Cavalry Brigade

Our Prayer List

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Kentucky Cavalry Brigade Prayer List

The men and women of the 1800's, whom we admire and portray today, were people of great faith, spirituality, and character. When faced with adversity in any aspect of their first thought was to turn to God. Many of the men and women in the Kentucky Cavalry Brigade carry forward that faith and abiding trust, and so we think it fitting that we lift our needs up to God. In your prayers please include those listed below:

DEC. 13.2004
This in From Major Reinke
2nd Lt. Rick Williams  # 1 lady was injured in a freak accident earlier this week.Her basement stairs collapsed while she was walking down them.
Please send out your thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery to them...

The Col has informed me the father of Les Williamson,Jim, had succesfull QUADRUPLE bypass surgery today and is recovering nicely.


Patti, the wife and MUCH better half of our adjutant Col Jim Allen has been hospitalized with a blood clot in her leg. This stems from a broken ankle....
Scott Thompson is suffering from back problems.