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The Kentucky Cavalry Brigade

History of the Original Kentucky Brigade

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The Historical Kentucky Cavalry Brigade

   The Kentucky Cavalry Brigade was a brigade of horse soldiers in the famous Confederate Army of Tennessee, in the Cavalry Corps of Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler. The name derives from the 
fact that the unit was primarily Kentuckian in it's make-up, and because in the later part of the war all of the commanders were also Kentuckian.
      It was often unofficially and informally referred to as "the Kentucky cavalry brigade."It had a long and illustrious history in the
      great conflict, and comported itself with much honor and accomplishment on the field. It was never captured or surrendered in combat, and only voluntarily turned itself in to Federal authorities after discharging its last assigned duty, which was the escort of Confederate president Jefferson Davis as he fled from the collapse of the Southern war effort in the late spring of 1865.During the war it's most prominent roles were played in the 1863 battle of Chickamauga; in the 1864 Atlanta Campaign, and March to the Sea; and the 1865 Carolina's Campaign, culminating in the last great battle of the war at Bentonville, North Carolina, in which it opened the fight with an advance on Union forces.

The Battle Honors of the Kentucky Cavalry Brigade

Chickamauga Missionary Ridge
Charleston, TN Altanta Campaign
Dug Gap Snake Creek Gap
Ringgold Gap Resaca
Cassville Station Peachtree Creek
Battle of Atlanta Jonesboro
March to the Sea Louisville, GA


The Commanders of the Confederate Army of Tennessee Kentucky Cavalry Brigade

Gen. Thomas Harrison

Col. J. Warren Grigsby

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Yet Available

Col. J. Russell Butler

Col. W.C.P. Breckinridge

Gen. John S. "Cerro Gordo" Williams

Gen. Joe Lewis