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In The corn
by Maryann Zoll

In the corn the bodies lay
Row on row, as they had stood,
Among the broken stalks and hissing leaves
That covered them but didn't slow the bullets.
Other men carried them away, of what remained
Moving them from one earth to another.
The farmer turned his cattle in to eat the stalks
But poured the milk out on the ground
So as not to feed his children on murderous intent.




Had we met on streets of travel

with smiles and hands to embrace

Words and thoughts exchanged in equal

of friend or brother, of life to taste

The General's order echo rings

for the King's hand decrees the law

By drum and fife to gain the field

a faceless enemy to all I saw

For miles and miles, we run the race

as I beheld their rank and file

Yet without malice and face to face

I stood and shot him in his place


Chaplain June Fields