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The Kentucky Cavalry Brigade
For Sale

June 5, 2003

Experienced War Horse

Name: Roscoe

Age: 11 Years

Breed: Quarter Horse, Dunn
Experience: 5 Years in re-enacting cavalry

Characteristics: Short legged (just under 15 hands high) with a
bounce at the trot, smooth walk and very smooth gallop.
Behavior: Very good in battle, but he can get a little "HOT" just
after graining. Affectionate and curious and takes a strong bond
with his regular rider.

Interesting Stories: On one of his earliest re-enacting experiences
he and I backed over a ground charge just about the time it went
off. There were no injuries incurred and he remained very manageable
throughout the experience and afterwards.

He has also proven to have a great deal of energy and the more he's ridden the more he enjoys it.

Really enjoys Graham Crackers and just about any treat.

As soon as I can get it done, I will have pictures posted to our KCB
Web page under the Quartermasters section.

I am asking $1000.00.

If interested please contact me at (423) 230-7341 (Pager) or my work
phone at (423) 844-4382 (between 0600 and 1500 (3 PM) M-F.

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