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The Kentucky Cavalry Brigade
Event Information

* * Lebanon, TN * *

May 20, 2003


After the Kentucky Cavalry Brigade's initial public appearance at Sacramento, Kentucky our brigade commander has been asked to consider commanding the Confederate Cavalry at the upcoming "Lebanon Races" re-enactment event held in Lebanon, Tennessee the first weekend of June 2003.

As a result of the Brigade's outstanding performance at Sacramento, the Colonel commanding wishes to know (as quickly as possible) the interest of the Unit Commanders (and the Brigade membership) in participating in the Lebanon event. Please respond to this e-mail or to the Brigade web site to express your interest in attending this event.

Captain Karcher will be commanding a detachment of the Brigade attending the Living History event scheduled for Bedford, Kentucky on this same weekend. This is the event that currently appears on our Brigade Event Schedule.

Members of the Brigade have been to the Lebanon event in the past and although there is little opportunity for large scale mounted cavalry action BUT, there is a great town that we get to fight through with a lot of great dismounted skirmishing and house-to-house fighting.

For more information on this event please check out their web site:

We need your response quickly given the date of this event (two weeks away).

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